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A wedding represents the union of two people that are in love and have decided to commit to each other in front of God, the law and in front of all family and friends. A wedding photographer is the person that documents the whole celebration before it begins, during and even towards the end. You could call the average Miami wedding photographer an honorary guest at your wedding celebration.

A wedding photographers mission is to capture the celebration as it unfolds. Meeting with the couple before the wedding is very important. Weddings are very complex events that need time and attention given to them so that the outcome is favorable and everyone is happy. A wedding photography event has to be done right, there are no re-dos when it comes to these moments.

As a Miami wedding photographer, I always meet with the couple to discuss their wishes and to get to know them a little. As a wedding photographer, you would be surprised how much you get to know people from all the time we spend behind the lens.

Spending a little time with the couple will give me some insight on how they see the event fit to unfold. What the program is and how we should begin. I also like to clarify how the couple wish to proceed with the immediate family and close friends photo session and at what point of the event would be best to gather them. The last thing we want is leaving the guest without a bride an groom because they are off taking wedding photos with all their close friends and family.

When it comes to Miami wedding photography I have to take into account that the event could be from any number of ethnic backgrounds and knowing key traditional moment s is very important. As a wedding photographer, the last thing I want is not knowing what tradition is of significant importance. Being prepared and knowing ahead of the time the way things should unfold gives me as a wedding photographer an advantage. For one I am more calm and relaxed and the event is documented to perfection.

The best part about Miami wedding photography is that the weather is in our favor. Our fair city is blessed and most wedding photography sessions are never interrupted by bad weather. Taking my time as a wedding photographer with the bride and groom is my main object. Making them feel relaxed and natural in an agitated environment is my main goal.

I don’t just bring my equipment to a wedding photography event, I bring my knowledge, my experience, and my heart. Having someone at your wedding you know is a professional and has done numerous Miami wedding photography events is exactly what the happy couple want. I am your friend from behind the lens. 

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